The Future of Grocery Shopping is Here: inMarket Announces World’s First iBeacon Platform in Multiple Retailers

According to inMarket’s website, “inMarket is proud to have deployed the world’s first multi-retailer iBeacon platform and the first ever grocery store implementation of BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), which enables everyday shopping trips to benefit from the technology. As experts on in-store mobile experiences and advertising since 2010, we are thrilled to bring Mobile to Mortar’s benefits to shoppers daily lives. The Mobile to Mortar iBeacon platform is enabled by a virtually invisible beacon the size of a quarter that uses bluetooth to enable location based experiences. inMarket works with over 100 brands across its platform of 20 million shoppers and has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, as an award winner at TechCrunch Disrupt, and on the cover of Entrepreneur Magazine.”

The inMarket Mobile to Mortar™ network is a retailer-agnostic iBeacon platform that will augment the shopping experience for consumers across the country. The initial rollout will take place in over 150 grocery stores in Seattle, San Francisco and Cleveland, with additional retailers and markets launching in the coming months.

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